¿Why do you need a good Menu QR for your restaurant?

publicado por joaquin

You want to move from boring PDF’s and take the chance with mobile friendly design? Let’s explain why it’s important. First of all, with the rise of the mobile device the market has been changing very fast and quickly.

The market is still mainly divided between the smartphone and other handheld devices, such as tablets or other electronic devices. But the more we find ourselves depending on the internet and electronic devices, the more that we feel more and more in need of a type of navigation that allows us to access our apps or browse, in order to reach our desired goals.

To optimize the user experience you can put in place «Menu QR» – a recipe that permits to make both easy and fun accessibility to your site and services on the go. Yes, you are reading right! Your menu is about to have the chance to feel the real user experience as a QR-code is just a specific type of onscreen link that enables the user to access it through the mobile device. Your dishes can have real photos for better visualization. Also, you can embed your Instagram account in order to show your live photos and funnel your clients into your social media space.

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