Harley hit a brick wall, as Robin searched and kicked her aside which have a good Shuriken

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Harley hit a brick wall, as Robin searched and kicked her aside which have a good Shuriken

A tearful Harley yelled on Batman that he need to have leftover the lady trailing, however, Batman overlooked the girl as he pointed out that Robin was no place to be seen. Suddenly elated one she were able to eliminate Robin, Harley mockingly informed Batman that today the guy know how she noticed in advance of she attempted to stab him regarding center which have a concealed Blade. Harley is actually then detained and you can drawn returning to custody.

Harley Quinn Story Pack Event

Into Penguin’s recommendations, Harley Quinn upcoming infiltrated the brand new Nightwing exactly who she then struggled. She achieved the upper hand of the attacking him away from at the rear of and the battle finished when Ivy’s Vegetation got Nightwing and you can took your away. The 2 next returned to Gotham having Scarecrow’s Conference from the the fresh new Arkham Mansion.

Arkham Knight Event

9 weeks after the occurrences from Arkham Area, while the foiling away from their revenge package, Harley is approached to help you by Scarecrow to participate their Alliance so you can destroy Batman or take the town for themselves. She had no demand for Scarecrow’s larger plans, however, joined to help you avenge brand new Joker’s dying. Grief-stricken and you may vengeful, Harley brutally reasserted control over Joker’s group because threatened so you’re able to fragment once their passing. Free of Joker’s domineering identification, Harley turned into a risky, and volatile the push on Gotham City Underworld.

To Harley’s shock, she was called one day by the elderly Henry Adams. The guy told her black laughs, which generated the woman laugh. Up on commenting that she hadn’t laughed since the Joker passed away, Henry bizarrely reported that the guy skipped the woman too. She following discovered Henry obtained one of many transfusion handbags away from Joker’s Infected Blood, together with be yet another Clown Prince off Offense; but not, he was able to cover-up the new actual transform.

Immediately after Henry is actually caught by Batman getting comparison to deal with three others infected which have Joker’s blood, he had been able to find some time to themselves to make contact with the girl and you can tell Harley where others had been being kept – Panessa Studios. She prepared for the following the threesome and you can grooming them once the Jokers. In order that Henry was free of uncertainty, Harley wanted to hit your out when he contacted Batman.

Harley broke on Panessa Studios when you are Batman are hectic record Scarecrow. When you find yourself Harley’s Thugs leftover Robin hectic, Henry called Batman; and you can Harley proceeded to hit him aside because the arranged. Shortly after informing Batman about the lady arrangements, Harley altered new voice detection software in order to reject Batman’s sales. Harley left Albert Queen, Christina Bell and you may Johnny Charisma roam the brand new facility; and you will she leftover the this lady people to protect Bell once the she is actually more vulnerable.

Batman and Robin did together to help you defeat the 3 mutated Jokers, and you may returned these to their muscle. Harley aplikace countrymatch along with her gang cornered Robin, and Batman snuck in this new grates, and you can got Harley aside having the ground Grate Takedown. Once he and you may Robin beaten the lady thugs, Batman transmitted Harley so you’re able to lock her when you look at the good containment tool. When they got in, Harley is actually horrified to acquire her proteges deceased.

It absolutely was in those days, Henry revealed their link with Harley; she are devastated to see the bundle damaged. It had been Henry are brand new worse of the contaminated, desired to be sure just the better of her or him was enjoy to become next Joker.

In a move real with the Joker’s very own sick escape agreements, Henry held Harley hostage in the gunpoint; he required that Batman and you will Robin secure themselves in the containment tools. Unfamiliar so you can Harley, the fresh Joker’s understanding is actually pleased with that it machine, curious in the event the the guy it is is actually the very best of those contaminated so you can change your.

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